Towards a research culture free of animal testing

Towards a research culture free of animal testing


What happens in your body when you’re sick? 

Have you ever wondered why humans and animals function in the way they do? Why do our bodies protect us against some things, but not against others? Which cells or substances are activated when we fall ill? And what’s going on when nothing seems to be working, and we end up feeling worse and worse? How do we currently go about treating that?

Research is desperately needed

To find the answers to any and all of these questions, we simply have to conduct more research. Unfortunately, some types of research can have dramatic consequences for humans. Which is why the community of scientists  and physicians have jointly decided to test certain treatments on animals first. But, really, that’s merely choosing the lesser of two evils.

My colleagues and I at the Utrecht Life Sciences 3R Centre are determined to find real solutions. We aim to develop ways to study and test diseases and medications without risking the lives of animals or humans. In the meantime, we are working towards ensuring that those animals involved in animal testing lead the most comfortable lives possible.

Make a difference

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